Elections 2019

The 2019 ESSD board elections took place online from 20 to 27 October 2020.

Voting took place online using a voting programme that ensures secrecy of vote. All members up-to-date with their fees could vote during a week.

We had 146 votes.

Board members elected by number of votes:
Emilia Michou
Rainer Dziewas
Pere Clavé
Stefanie Duchac
Antonio Schindler
Björn Degen

The executive positions of President, Treasurer and General Secretary and any other positions the board decides to have are elected by the board members. Elections are held every two years, the next ones will be in 2021 and half the positions of the board will go to election.

ESSD Board Elections

There are 12 members on the board.

All ESSD members who are up-to-date with their fees, have been in ESSD for at least a year, who work in the field of dysphagia and who speak English are eligible. These members can present for the elections or can be nominated by other members

Elections are carried out online with a voting programme that ensures secrecy of vote. Candidates present a brief description of their professional background, affiliations, and ideas for the society and these are placed on the web a month before the elections. All members up-to-date with their fees can vote.

The places of the members marked in red are up for election.

Transition board 2011 Elections
Dec 2013
Dec 2015
Dec 2017
Oct 2019
Pere Clavé, President Pere Clavé Pere Clavé Pere Clavé Emilia Michou (GR) SLP *
George Lawson, Treasurer Geroge Lawson Laura Baijens Laura Baijens Rainer Dziewas (DE) Neurologist*
Renée Speyer, Secretary Renée Speyer Renée Speyer Renée Speyer Renée Speyer (NL) SLP*
Margareta Bülow Margareta Bülow Rainer Dziewas Rainer Dziewas Pere Clavé (ES) Surgeon
Lukas Dagdilelis Olle Ekberg Olle Ekberg Shaheen Hamdy Shaheen Hamdy (UK) Gastroenterologist
Doris Mª Denk-Linnert Daniele Farneti Shaheen Hamdy Daniele Farneti Daniele Farneti (IT) ENT Phoniatrician
Olle Ekberg Shaheen Hamdy Guntram Ickenstein Emilia Michou Stefanie Duchac (DE) SLP
Daniele Farneti Guntram Ickenstein Emilia Michou Peter Pokieser Peter Pokieser (Au) Radiologist
Shaheen Hamdy Peter Pokieser Nathalie Rommel Nathalie Rommel Nathalie Rommel (BE) SLP
Maria Kynigou Nathalie Rommel Antonio Schindler Antonio Schindler Antonio Schindler (IT) ENT Phoniatrician
Peter Pokieser Antonio Schindler Eric Verin Eric Verin Eric Verin (FR) Rehabilitation Med
Giovanni Ruoppolo David Smithard Margaret Walshe Margaret Walshe Björn Degen (Au) ENT
Antonio Schindler Eric Verin
David Smithard Margaret Walshe
Eric Verin Virginie Woisard
Edith Wagner-Sonntag
Elected in 2013 in brown Elected in 2015 in brown Elected in 2017 in brown *President, treasurer and general secretary will be elected at the board meeting.
Honorary Member as expresident Anita Wuttge-Hannig

Members are elected for four years.
Every two years half the board resigns or presents for reelection.
From 2015 the board will be 12 members.